Giveaway and Author Guest Post MY IDEAL VALENTINE’S DAY by Judith Ann Kohnen Author of The Mandy Story Romance Series

I recently reached out to romance novelist Judith Kohnen about her Mandy Story book series. As an award-winning romance writing, I wondered what Judith would consider her ideal Valentine’s Day might be. Well, it turns out that Judith had a lot to say on the subject. Read on to find out…and don’t forget to scroll down to the end of Judith’s post to enter the AWESOME giveaway for a chance to win a FREE signed copy of Judith Kohnen’s latest romance book “For the Love of Mandy” and this GORGEOUS DaVinci Beads Musical Bracelet:

My Ideal Valentine’s Day

by Judith Kohnen


I didn’t have to debate too much as to what topic I might write about for this post. I had the option to write about “My Favorite Valentine’s Memory” – but frankly, I can’t remember one Valentine’s Day in all my life worth remembering. That’s pretty pathetic. No wonder I decided to be a romance author, for where else does one REALLY get the romance they dream about?

This leads me to the present topic … an ideal Valentine’s Day. Hmm, what would that be?

Well, for whatever reason my crazy mind thought, I assumed I could go to my husband for an opinion on this matter. I thought … he’s the typical male, the usual sex-on-the-brain type … you know, 24/7 got-to-have-some, or so he acts when I’m not interested. I’m thinking, this will be fun, possibly a means to receive some great lines for this terrific post I’m going to write.

It started out well. Upon approaching him with such question – what would be your ideal Valentine’s Day?) – he grins with a devilish kind of smile, and said, “I don’t think my thoughts would be printable.”

Woohoo! I’m going to get some hot stuff to post, I thought. Only, this was his first answer on paper (as I had him write his answers down for me):

“Go out to eat with my Valentine and not have to wait. Also, good service and great food.”

OMG! And I married this guy? What the hell was wrong with me? Really? 

Just read the next line, I told myself, believing surely this is a joke. He’s got to have something better than this for his next Valentine wish, like “no clothes on for 24 hours.” That’s what I was thinking he’d say.

“Take the day to really love and appreciate my Valentine like I should do every day.”

Okay, that was somewhat romantic, I suppose, but definitely not sexy at all! 

Next … 

“Go to an event such as an opera, symphony, or play that provides a romantic backdrop for the mood.”

MOOD? There’s a mood? By this time, I may shrill to the highest octave ever. I would likely not be in the mood that he’s quite in (whatever that might be).

“Go to the liquor store, if all else fails.”

My husband did NOT just say that, did he? Dear Heavens, I need a divorce. This ain’t right.

“Exchange new original promises to each other. Must be in your own words, not off the internet.”

“Shop for Lingerie.”

Okay, for sure. I’m trading in my husband. Anybody want him?

I didn’t think so.

Okay, what is MY ideal Valentine’s Day?

I’ve worked all day on my computer (typing away words and more words … so exhausting). He comes home with a beautiful bouquet of pink, white, and yellow flowers bursting with baby’s breath, smelling so deliciously sweet, my heart just melts just looking at them.

“Couldn’t wait to come home to you,” he says in that sexy low tone that would have my knees quivering beneath my sweatpants. “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known in my lifetime,” he murmurs next.

I sigh heavily, still admiring the flowers, yet allowing his words to seep through my skin like fine wine.

“Let’s do it to it, baby, in the bedroom. Forget dinner. No need to cook. You’re all the appetite I have. I need nothing else.”

Of course, I’m thrilled, because I don’t have to cook! And I’m not hungry, because I just had a candy bar for a snack. OMG! I’m going to keep this guy for sure!

He’s made me so happy, I run into the bedroom and throw off my sweat clothes with zest. I start a disco number on my dance pole (I set it up ahead of time, hoping something like this would happen before he came – I mean, I am a creative romance writer, right?)

He’s salivating at the mouth, the drool is ridiculously dribbling down his chin, and he’s having a hard time standing on his own two feet.

It’s all okay, because I lead him to the bed and lay him down before he falls. He deserves what I’m going to give him. Oh, yes, oh, yes! This is it. My Valentine has made me lose my wits!

What better way to end this day. “Sweet Valentine, you are oh, so mine.”


Judith Kohnen is the author of One Chance, One Moment and the recently released For the Love of MandyBooks One and Two of The Mandy Story. A nine-time award-winning author, Judith hopes to continue to inspire readers with stories of hope, healing, and entertainment. 

Readers can connect with Judith via her website and her Amazon Author Page. 


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