Free To Kill by Julie Mellon Book Review

Free to Kill by Julie Mellon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

FBI Agent Katie Freeman is recently reassigned from Louisiana to Tennessee when she’s immediately tasked with investigating the horrific death of a local woman. Katie and her hunky partner Michael must wade through the mounting evidence to find the sadistic killer before he kidnaps and kills again.

I liked this book. It had all the elements I look for in a suspenseful murder mystery. I enjoyed following the FBI’s investigative procedures and learning about Katie and Michael’s backgrounds. The story moves along at a nice, brisk pace without any annoying story speed bumps to slow things down.

I had just two minor criticisms: The first was that Katie is supposed to have been raised in a sheltered environment, yet in just a few weeks her mother’s friend is able to get Katie set with a driver’s license and other government paperwork – far too quick to be believable. The second was the sometimes-stilted dialogue, where people spoke without using contractions. It wasn’t done consistently enough to be unbearable, but it was done often enough for me to notice.

One last thing I’d say about the graphic nature of the kidnappings and killing here, since some reviewers expressed that it was a deal breaker for them. Yes, there was some mention of medieval style torture, but it was brief and not overly descriptive. I think it was actually necessary to some degree. It added an extra layer to the story and eventually led Katie and Michael to the killer.

This book kept me entertained and reading along, and I finished in less than a day. I liked Katie and Michael’s characters, and the author’s writing enough to be willing to read more books in this series.

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton