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20 Crafts with Mason Jars Book Download

Mason jars make great catch-all containers for crafters, hobbyists, woodcrafters, party planners and more. Storing necessary supplies in clear glass jars makes it easy to find and grab exactly what you need while in the middle of any project. Mason jars have the added benefit of creating a charming and attractive look when displayed on a shelf. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift idea, novel wedding favors, informal vases or a way to conveniently store kitchen utensils, mason jars are the perfect containers for any occasion.

This FREE book download provides 20 unique ideas for using mason jars in your next craft project.20 Crafts with Mason Jars:  Wedding Ideas, Centerpieces, Decor and More free eBook

According to the book description, “In 20 Crafts with Mason Jars, you’ll find some great suggestions on how to transform these glass bottles into functional and decorative storage.  As is the case with several of the projects in this eBook, you can easily make these tutorials work for you and slightly alter them to suit your needs.”

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