Why choose eBook Review Gal to help market your books and build your brand?

I am a marketing, copywriting and advertising professional with over thirty years of experience. I have worked in the publishing industry, and have written promotional copy for dozens of companies and individuals over the years. I know what it takes to build a brand and keep it.


Is eBook Review Gal a book blog, book review or book marketing website?

All of the above. I love reading and enjoy sharing that love with other avid readers. I’m a book reviewer, and know just what it takes to engage and compel a potential reader to choose and continue reading a book. I’m also a multi-genre author, with seven published non-fiction and fiction books. I fully understand the business of writing, editing, publishing and marketing books from start to finish. I’ve learned a huge amount of information over the years and I’m certain I can teach other authors the ins and outs of book publishing and marketing.


Why aren’t specific book marketing packages and prices listed?

I believe every author and book is unique and individual enough to deserve custom, targeted marketing and promotion. This means that no two marketing campaigns will be the same. When I accept a client, the first thing I do is look at where they stand in terms of brand and online presence. I prefer working with each client individually to develop a strategic plan that will determine their specific readership.

Every potential client receives a zip file of standard service packages in order to determine their own individual author needs. From there it’s simply a matter of fine-tuning a service to suit that author. Rest assured, however, we always stay well within your marketing budget. My services are not only professional and unique – they’re always affordable.


Do you offer any FREE marketing services?

Yes! I accept author guest posts and interviews. Interested authors can submit an author guest post here, and/or fill out an author interview questionnaire here.

All author guest posts and interviews include an author bio and links, and are shared with my thousands of social media followers. That’s FREE marketing for you and your book!


If you have any questions I’m always available via the Contact page here or via the Work With Me page here. I look forward to helping you build and maintain your brand soon!