Things that Annoy Historical Fiction Readers by Michael Bolan

Things that Annoy Historical Fiction Readers by Michael Bolan   I was chatting with a (historical-novel-writing) friend the other day. When I say ‘chatting’, I actually mean half listening and wearing an interested expression while she ranted. Apparently she had… Read more

“Don’t Give Up” Author Guest Post by Susan Barton

  “Don’t Give Up” – Author Guest Post by Susan Barton My book, Emotional Paramedics, comes in at just about two hundred pages, yet it took me almost five years to finish and finally publish it. There were several reasons… Read more

“The Writer’s Block Smoke Cloud” Guest Post by Author R P Channing

On January 29th, My Book Tour hosts a stop on R P Channing’s book tour for his brand new YA paranormal romance novel, “Thirst: Blood of My Blood”. R P Channing has kindly provided a guest post for eBook Review Gal… Read more

Grammar Sex (How Dangling Your Participle Can Hurt Your Book Sales) Guest Post By Robert Germaux

Grammar Sex (How Dangling Your Participle Can Hurt Your Book Sales) By Author, Robert Germaux Okay, I got your attention with that grammar sex thing, right?  I’m sure you already know that in the wild and crazy world of eBooks,… Read more

Self-Publishing: Now is the Right Time By Michael Bolan, Author

I was speaking recently with a fellow author, one slightly more successful than yours truly. He has published over 40 books and short stories, selling millions of copies. He’s what you could call “the real deal”. And he’s just given… Read more

Why Authors Should Appreciate Book Reviewers by Susan Barton

Reviews sell books. Most authors know this. Yet, it surprises me how many authors actively seek reviews, yet neglect to acknowledge the efforts of their readers/reviewers. A follow-up email is always greatly appreciated by a book reviewer. Thanking reviewers is… Read more

Just Say No to Copyright Infringement by Susan Barton

I recently discovered that someone was using one of my original graphics on her website. It was a fluke that I even found it, really, but as soon as I saw it, I contacted her and politely asked that she… Read more

11 FREE Marketing Ideas for Authors by Susan Barton

  Indie authors often admit that they never anticipated just how difficult book marketing would be. There’s no way around it – the minute a book is published, it’s necessary to switch hats and go from writer to marketer. A… Read more

How Blogging Made Me a Better Novelist Guest Post by Laura Vanderkam

Today’s guest post comes from nationally recognized writer, journalist and author, Laura Vanderkam. Laura has some valuable advice to share about the importance of blogging, and how blogging has made her a better writer.  I started blogging several years ago more… Read more

Why Isn’t My Book Selling by Author Kathryn Loch

eBook Review Gal is THRILLED to share our latest guest post, written by the talented Kathryn Loch. Kathryn is the author of several tremendously popular historical romance novels and book series. Kathryn Loch’s latest novel, a time travel fantasy romance, Spirit… Read more