How Blogging Made Me a Better Novelist Guest Post by Laura Vanderkam

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Building Bridges: How NOT to Alienate a Book Marketer

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Why Isn’t My Book Selling by Author Kathryn Loch

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What Marketing My Pain Taught Me About Myself – Guest Post by Loretta Miles Tollefson

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How to Lose a Novel in Ten Days by Lucas Wright – Guest Post and Giveaway

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Writing Therapy: How Writing Can Heal the Mind by John Mathews

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Dialogue Tags vs Beats by Lauren Covaci

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Turn Your Book into an Audiobook: Q&A with Author J. Perry Kelly

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Top 10 Children’s Books

There are many benefits to reading. Studies show that kids who read while young (and are read to even while in the womb) will become life-long readers. In fact, babies who are read to are more likely to begin reading… Read more