#BookReview of The Black Coats by Colleen Oakes

Thea hasn’t been the same since her cousin and best friend, Natalie, was found murdered. She spends her days alone and angry, no longer doing any of the things she once loved so much. When she receives a mysterious invitation and is subsequently recruited into a secret women’s society, Thea finds a new purpose for her life: Revenge.

I spotted The Black Coats during my latest Axis 360 search – a library book app, purchased on Amazon – and found the book’s cover to be enticing enough for me to go on and read the blurb. I loved the premise of this book. Although revenge isn’t always the panacea victims desire when seeking to right a wrong, it can certainly be an appealing option.

I loved the idea of this book… taking female teen victims and turning them into a team of badass fighters. Yet I struggled to get into the story. I found it slow moving and sluggish. I didn’t think there was enough character development, which made it difficult for me to care much about anyone.

I also had some trouble believing a lot of the storyline. Thea’s parents are portrayed as dotting and overprotective, yet Thea was able to sneak out of the house repeatedly on “missions”. It was a little too convenient. Then we have the relationship between Thea and Drew, which, again, I didn’t find developed enough for me to care whether they stayed together or not.

The bickering and cattiness between the “teams” reminded me of a cross between Harry Potter and AHS Coven. I thought it was silly and didn’t contribute enough to the story to be worthwhile.

I get that this is a YA book and geared toward teen girls. However, I read A LOT of YA because I genuinely enjoy the genre. This one left me flat. The Black Coats started with a good premise, but the execution was lacking in my opinion.


3 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton