Book Review of The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

The Woman in Cabin 10 begins with Laura (Lo for short) Blacklock cowering in her bedroom. Someone has broken into her apartment and Lo immediately assumes the worst. Luckily, the assailant is just there to accidentally slam the door into Lo’s face, resulting in a bruise that apparently takes several weeks to heal. I kept waiting for this break in to somehow play into the overall story, but it never did. I wondered why the author even included it. Perhaps it was to explain Lo’s over the top anxiety – something that’s lamely revealed as a decade’s long issue for Lo in the first place. Maybe the break in was her reason for getting sloshed at every opportunity. Possibly, it was to justify Lo’s immediate self-diagnosis of PTSD. Whatever the reason, having the anxiety issue continuously brought up was extremely annoying.

We soon learn that Lo is scheduled to go on a Northern Lights excursion via a “boutique super-luxury cruise, traveling around the Norwegian fjords” for her travel journalist job at Velocity. A job that’s supposed to be Lo’s stepping stone to making it big in the writing biz. Which is unbelievable since Lo is probably the most unprofessional journalist imaginable. The rest of the story goes even further downhill from there.

I can’t believe I actually finished this schlock of a mess until the very end. I can’t believe I’m even taking the time to write this review. If I read one more book about a main character that’s an emotional, drunken, insomniac female I think I’ll scream. I kept flipping to the book cover to check the “#1 New York Times Bestseller” tag to make sure I was reading the right book.

The storyline is full of plot holes, far too many characters than necessary, and probably the most ridiculous ending I’ve ever read in my life. It became comical and I thought it would never end. It’s difficult to address all the many unnecessary, crazy, farfetched and cheesy elements the author threw in without revealing spoilers. I’m just glad that I only paid two bucks to someone who probably couldn’t wait to ditch this thing at her yard sale.

1 of 5 Stars, Susan Barton