Book Review of How to Bake a Murder by K. J. Emrick

When an unlikable bully suddenly dies after eating a pastry in Karen “Cookie” Williams’ bakery, she finds herself the center of a murder investigation. Cookie already has a ruthless businessman harassing her to sell her property, and a strange nightly visitor lurking outside the bakery. Cookie is determined to get to the bottom of everything, while keeping her visiting granddaughter Clarissa out of harm’s way. Good thing handsome cop, Jerry, is on the case.

As stated in the description, this is a true cozy murder mystery, which is always something I appreciate. This is a nice way to introduce Cookie and her little Chihuahua, Cream, to readers. It’s fun, fast and entertaining. I liked Cookie’s character and warmed up to her snarky, oppositional granddaughter after a bit. The developing relationship between Cookie and Jerry looks very promising, which is nice since I find there are so few books where mature characters deal with dating and romance.

I had just one very minor criticism… I could have done with a little less of Cookie’s adolescent “will he, won’t he” ruminations over Jerry. I wouldn’t say it was overdone, but almost.

I look forward to reading more books in the Cookie and Cream mystery series!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton