Authorpreneur by Nina Amir

The subtitle of this book is “How to Build a Business around Your Book”, so that’s theeBook Review Gal book review of Authorpreneur by Nina Amir primary focus. From the start, the author addresses the cold hard facts of being an author – most authors do not get rich from selling their books. Then she goes on to state that authors need to view their books as entrepreneurs view their products. This is an excellent point to make and one that many authors ignore.

Authorpreneur is for both fiction and non-fiction authors. Building a business around fiction and non-fiction books is broken down at the beginning of the book. There are suggestions for using a book as a jumping off point for other business ideas.

The author also gives some great information on ways to write more books – this is probably the best way to build a fan base and I was happy to see Ms. Amir discuss this concept clearly and succinctly.

There’s a certain amount of repetition here and there, however, but perhaps the author really wanted to drive the point home for authors – come up with more book ideas, properly brainstorm them, and you’ll begin to build a business. Using mini-books to sell books is an excellent way to proceed and Ms. Amir addresses these valuable selling tools. Webinars, seminars, teleseminars and online courses are also discussed in detail.

Overall, I’d say this book has a lot of valuable information for authors who want to take their book-writing skills to the next level.

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton