Author Guest Post by Pavle Sabic What Does China, A Children’s Book about an Otter, and Scotland have in Common? The answer: Reciprocity.

Today, I welcome author Pavle Sabic to the eBook Review Gal. Pavle has recently published a children’s book with a positive message.

In Walter the Wanderer: An Otter’s Tale on a Grand and Global Scale, Walter the Wanderer teaches us how to lead with love and celebrate the diversity of others.

Join Walter as he travels the world inspiring compassion and friendship through the simple gift of a hug. Pavle and his collaborators “hope that the book will inspire reciprocity and kindness. The world needs the love!” 

How great is THAT message? Let’s read on to see what else Pavle has to say…


What Does China, A Children’s Book about an Otter, and Scotland have in Common? The answer: Reciprocity.

by Pavle Sabic


‘Walter the Wanderer’ is a children’s story about friendship and kindness. But it has undertones of immigration, overcoming life’s obstacles, and acceptance of what’s different.

Picture this; roughly every week for a year, three friends who attended college in Scotland, now living in opposite parts of the world – Brooklyn and Taipei – would jump on a night time video chat to combine their skills and create something beautiful, something with meaning. Illustrator Via Fang (Asian illustrator of the year 2018), myself the writer, and graphic designer Jonny Smith. After this technologically-enabled, year-long, creative process we finally had our opus.

Through the focus, sacrifice, laughter and challenges we had published a book about reciprocity; the story of a curious Scottish otter called Walter that sets off on a global adventure. Walter meets all kinds of animals on his travels to America, Spain, Italy, France, China and Japan. He even learns some of the languages! But he also meets animals who are not so fortunate, angry and unhappy. In this instance Walter the Wanderer decides to give compassion through the simple gift of a hug.

In the end of the book, Walter’s brave first move to reach out to the unhappy animals fosters a beautiful moment of reciprocity (you’ll have to read to find out what happens). Reciprocity is hugely pervasive in human society and in fact it was the key pillar in creating communities as we know them today through the giving and receiving of trade and aid.

So this brings us to why we used the name Walter. Well, Sir Walter Scott, is the most famous Scottish novelist who wrote heavily about reciprocity. In addition, ‘Valter Brani Sarajevo / Walter Defends Sarajevo’ is one of the most famous films in former Yugoslavia, where I was born. And it just so happens to be the most famous film in China / Taiwan, where Via is from. Making it one of the most watched films of all time! Yes, you guessed it; this film is also about reciprocity. It is about how a community came together during WWII to make sure freedom and love prevailed.

Let Walter remind you that friendship comes from giving. Let these anthropomorphic animals show you how. To emphasize this key lesson I leave you with a line from the book: “Walter’s good deeds made others believe that to give is really to receive”.



About Pavle Sabic:

Pavle Sabic is a former Fortune 500 business head, a writer, actor, thought leaders and entrepreneur. He is a modern day Renaissance Man, who is frequently published in the media and is a regular broadcast contributor at the NYSE. An Associate partner at The University of Edinburgh Business School.

Pavle graduated from New York Film Academy in 2015 and his film 79 Parts came out in May. He runs his ‘growth management’ company TellMeMore Ventures from Brooklyn, NY.

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