Another Sewing eBook Freebie! Embroidery Embellishments

FREE Cat, Baby-Bear and Mini Mouse Embroidery Projects

If you’ve been searching for the perfect finishing touches for your sewing projects then you’re in luck.




According to Sewing Daily, “This free eBook celebrates just a few of the ways to embellish your sewing.  Inside you’ll find a pot holder pattern that uses fabric appliqué circles to add  interest and functionality. Next, combine a rainbow of colors and prints with  simple embroidery stitches to create soft, lovable creatures. Then, elevate a  simple wrap skirt by adding embroidery designs, beads, and even appliquéd  pieces. Once you have the basics, you’ll be ready to add the perfect finishing  touch to nearly any sewn project. Get simple embroidery designs, ideas for easy  appliqué, and three useful projects, all when you download this free eBook!

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