31 Days of FREE Book Marketing Tasks for Authors

Book marketing is much more manageable if you challenge yourself every day to try at least one new thing to market your book. Sitting around, waiting for readers to first find, read and review your book is a waste of your valuable time. Complaining that sales and reviews are slow is counterproductive to your book marketing efforts. Even when you delegate some of the marketing to outside sources, you still need to be proactive about marketing your own book.

The following are a month’s worth of things you can do each day to market your book. Some are simple and quick and some require a bit more work. It’s up to you to decide how much effort you’re willing to put into your daily marketing tasks.


1. Conduct a Google search for book blogs that spotlight your genre
2. Search Amazon for book reviewers who’ve reviewed books in your genre
3. Schedule a free promotion
4. Start or work on your author blog
5. Join a Goodreads group and introduce yourself
6. Join a LinkedIn group and introduce yourself
7. Write a LinkedIn article that does not promote your book
8. Write a character interview
9. Fine-tune your book blurb
10. Build your newsletter mailing list
11. Schedule social media posts
12. Create a Goodreads giveaway
13. Write a press release
14. Write a guest post
15. Create a media kit
16. Record a podcast
17. Make a video
18. Schedule a bookstore book reading
19. Search for social media influencers
20. Create a slideshow
21. Design bookmarks
22. Design business cards
23. Have a photo shoot
24. Rewrite your Amazon book description
25. Plan a promo event with other authors in your genre
26. Update your author website
27. Update your social media bios and graphics
28. Update your email signature
29. Set up a speaking engagement at your local library
30. Create a Rafflecopter giveaway
31. Brainstorm new book ideas