3 Reasons Why Authors Should Avoid the Typical Book Tour

Does it sound like I’ve turned on the typical book tour? After all, it wasn’t that long ago that I was sharing them on this very website. However, I’m a marketer, and I know when a marketing tool has ceased being useful. Here’s why I now realize that traditional book tours are hurting authors:

1. Readers Are Ignoring Them

As a marketing professional, I continually track engagement stats – especially when it comes to social media engagement. Unfortunately, I’ve recently noticed a steady decline in book tour engagement. That’s because readers are beginning to tune out blog content titled “Tour, Blitz and even Cover Reveal”. They’re expecting the same old, tired copy and paste post. That’s why it’s critical to your promotional efforts to give readers fresh, unique and original content. Slapping up copy and paste content isn’t going to do your book the justice it deserves.

2. Copy & Paste Tour Posts Hurt Google Rankings

When it comes to site rankings, Google is king. Duplicate content penalizes a site’s Google ranking – period. Typical copy and paste tour posts are indeed duplicate content. Book bloggers who copy and paste posts, during a tour stop, are posting duplicate content. That’s all there is to it. You want readers to actually read your promotional content and it won’t be read if your efforts land on page 4 or 5 (if at all) of a Google search.

3. It’s Lazy Marketing

Allowing yourself to be represented by spammy copy and paste, cookie cutter content is NOT going to increase your readership. Whether you like it or not, you’ll have to do a fair amount of work in order to properly market yourself and your book. Working directly with a professional marketer will enable you to promote yourself with original, engaging and compelling online content.

I’ve been keeping a close eye on these trends and I knew that changes needed to be made in the way that I promote authors. It’s why I’ve very recently restructured how I market authors with online events. You can read more about my new Book Marketing package here. You can read about my new Author Marketing package here. If you’re an author, looking for a better, more original way to market yourself and your books let me know!