11 FREE Marketing Ideas for Authors by Susan Barton

11 Free Marketing Ideas for Authors, by Susan Barton


Indie authors often admit that they never anticipated just how difficult book marketing would be. There’s no way around it – the minute a book is published, it’s necessary to switch hats and go from writer to marketer. A strategically designed marketing campaign is an absolute must for any author. If you want to increase book sales, it’s imperative to continuously promote your book. Without a comprehensive marketing plan, one lone book will quickly fall to the bottom of the ever-growing book pile and never see the light of day. No writer wants to risk that.

So, as an Indie author, what things should you be doing to promote your book? Here are 11 completely FREE marketing ideas:

  1. Write a press release and submit it to free online PR submission sites. Check with your local newspapers as well.
  2. Make sure you’re getting the most from your Amazon and Goodreads author pages.
  3. Contact book bloggers and offer to write guest posts targeted toward their readers.
  4. Go on tour – a Virtual Book Tour, that is.
  5. Sponsor a Goodreads book giveaway (for print books only).
  6. Speaking of print versions – be sure to go to CreateSpace to create print copies of your book. It’s FREE and fairly simple to do.
  7. Start an author website. There are several free sites to use. Be sure to include all the necessary pages: About, Contact, Purchase and Social Media Links, Q&A, etc.
  8. Get social – join Twitter and create a Facebook Page. Contribute content and connect with followers on a regular basis.
  9. Fill your LinkedIn profile with tons of valuable info about yourself and your book, and keep it updated. While you’re at it, join some writer’s groups.
  10. Create an About.me page – this is a GREAT online portfolio website.
  11. Write another book. There’s no doubt about it – adding new books to your portfolio adds credibility to your writing, keeps the creative juices flowing and builds your fan base.


As you can see, these techniques won’t cost you a dime – just your time and determination. By using your natural writer’s creativity and resourcefulness, you should start seeing your book sales increase in no time. Happy writing!


This article was originally posted to LinkedIn.