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1. A note about copyright infringement:

We take copyright laws very seriously. No portion of any content contained on this website may be duplicated in any manner without the written consent of the owner. If you’ve conducted a Google search and have come across something originating from this website that DOES NOT mean you are free to use it however you like.

If you would like to use any of the content, photos or graphics found on this website, whether in print or online, you must request permission via the contact form found here. No exceptions.

2. A note about event hosting:

*If you send us a request to host a book tour, cover reveal, blitz, blast, etc., please keep this in mind:

We will now only accept events where we will receive a social media mention and backlink to our original post. It takes time to post these events on someone else’s behalf and it’s a fair expectation to receive this marketing benefit in exchange. Please don’t ask us to host an event unless this is an agreeable arrangement.

3. A note about requests for book marketing advice and consultations:

   *We now charge a consultation fee of 50.00 per hour with a three hour minimum. 

4. A note for marketers and other paid professionals who represent authors:

Please do not contact us requesting free services. If an author is paying you to market his or her book it is unfair to expect us to provide our services free of charge. All requests from paid marketers will be ignored.